Halloween 2020 is Going to be Different! This Years Blue Moon will be a Painting Moon.

This year is something out of a dream (or nightmare) This Halloween is anything but typical. Why not spend the night with me creating?

From black cats to monsters, dip into your creative spirit and uncover your  own demons with the magic of art and creativity.

Dress in your costume, put on some spooky music and join us for a painting class that will never be forgotten.


Paint your Ghosts Discover your Monsters

Being Creative gives you all of the tools you need to find your calling, discover your blocks and uncover your truest feelings. This class is for people of all ages! You are not alone, all you need is a paint brush, a canvas and a night of good Halloween fun!


Have fun painting (alone or with friends) 

A night to relax and enjoy your creative muse. Grab your paint and canvas and get busy creating.

Make connections. 

Join our group of like minded creatives.

Find your monsters and discover your hidden self

Creativity opens up hidden parts of you mind. You never know what treasure you will uncover when creating.

Discover your calling.

Art gives rise to something more powerful than yourself. What hidden talents do you need to share with the world?

Meet your Hostess

I'm Cassondra: a fellow creative spirit and a full-time mom of 3. I am passionate about using creativity in every area of my life and I know what a magical difference it makes! Join me in this free class so you can experience it for yourself!

Join Us- Value $197